Disability Accommodation Information

Individuals with physical or mental impairments who are otherwise qualified to perform their work or pursue their studies may request reasonable accommodations to enable them to work or continue their studies. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and Iowa's Civil Rights Act enables covered individuals to receive accommodations so long as the accommodations are reasonable and do not cause an undue hardship or fundamentally alter an academic program. An individual's specific request for accommodation may not necessarily be granted if there are other effective means of achieving the same result. Individuals must communicate with university personnel to regarding reasonable, effective accommodations. Documentation may be required to substantiate the need for an accommodation.

For students, you must contact Student Disability Resources at the Academic Success Center to initiate the accommodation process.

For employees, you should inform your supervisor of your need for workplace accommodation. If you or your supervisor require additional assistance, contact Human Resource Services.

Inquiries regarding ergonomics may be directed to Environmental Health and Safety.

Complaints regarding a disability accommodation can be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity.

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