About Us

The Office of Equal Opportunity is part of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Margo R. Foreman

Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

Email: mrforema@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-7612

Amber Davis

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Vice President

Email: ardavis@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-7612

Adrienne Lyles

Associate Director of Equal Opportunity

Email: alyles@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-0044

Julie Reilly

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Email: jreilly@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-6431

Jazzmine Brooks

Equity and Inclusion Services Coordinator 

Email:  jhudson@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-6911

Elliott Florer

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Email: florer@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-4044

David Konopa

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Email: dkonopa@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-3193

Sean Nelson

Extension Equal Opportunity Specialist

Email: seann1@iastate.edu
Phone: 515-294-6018

Regenea Hurte

Equal Opportunity Specialist

Email: rahurte@iastate.edu 
Phone: 515-294-3894