Exit Interviews

Iowa State University is committed to a positive work environment for its students, faculty, and staff alike.  An effective exit interview process helps ensure that any practical matters related to an employee’s work experiences at the University are addressed effectively.  It also allows the University to gather valuable information to constructively enhance talent management strategies, and employment practices.  The exit interview gives the opportunity to influence future improvements by providing feedback on the work environment, and the University as an employer. 

Exit interviews are important because they offer a deeper look at your unit’s culture, day-to-day processes, management solutions, and the overall employee morale.  The university wants to assess the overall employee experience within the unit and identify opportunities to improve retention and engagement. 

We have provided a template exit interview form that units can use.  When we complete a consistent and standardized interview, the information gathered can help foster positive relationships and a welcoming working environment. 


ISU Exit Interview Form Sample