Disability Accommodations

Individuals with physical or mental impairments who are otherwise qualified to perform assigned work or pursue academic studies may request reasonable accommodations to enable the individuals to work or continue academic studies. The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and Iowa's Civil Rights Act enable covered individuals to receive accommodations so long as the accommodations are reasonable and do not cause undue hardship or fundamentally alter an academic program. An individual's specific request for accommodation may not necessarily be granted if there are other effective means of achieving the same result. Documentation may be required to substantiate the need for accommodation.

For undergraduate students: contact Student Accessibility Services to initiate the accommodation process.

For graduate students: Regarding apprenticeship accommodation, the process of applying for admission to a graduate program or for assistantships (e.g., ASL interpreter, accessible building location), requires contacting the Student Accessibility Services Office


At present, the forms that must be completed for an assistantship accommodation are the same as those required for an employee workplace accommodation (Disability Accommodation Request and Documentation of Disability). The forms can be found at: https://www.hr.iastate.edu/files/documents/2022-01/disability-accommodation-request-2018-03-28-1456.pdf

Regarding academic accommodation, The Student Accessibility Services Office (SAS) supports students with disabilities related to the services and programs that enable access to education and university life. SAS assists students in obtaining accommodations needed to succeed in their classwork, internships, and participation in campus activities (see above for accommodations in paid assistantship duties). Students interested in applying for services should begin the process by reviewing our New Student Information and completing the online Registration Form. 

For employees: inform your supervisor of your need for workplace accommodation. If you or your supervisor require additional assistance, contact Human Resource Services.

Inquiries regarding ergonomics may be directed to Environmental Health and Safety.

Complaints regarding disability accommodation can be filed with the Office of Equal Opportunity.

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Pregnancy Supportive Measures and Accommodations 

For Students

Title IX makes it illegal to discriminate because of sex, which includes discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, or related conditions, including recovery. Title IX also ensures the right to take medically necessary leave and to be free of harassment, intimidation, or other discrimination because of pregnancy-related conditions.  

For more information on child care, lactation support, and other parenting student resources please visit Worklife https://worklife.hr.iastate.edu/familyservices

You can request Pregnancy Supportive Measures here: https://go.iastate.edu/EOPREGNANCYACC


For Faculty/Staff

Both federal and state employment laws prohibit employers from basing employment decisions on sex or sex-based characteristics (either real or perceived). This includes a prohibition against pregnancy discrimination, as well as discrimination because of someone’s assumption that you might become pregnant. It also includes discrimination based on stereotypes about how you will or should behave because you are a parent or may become a parent.  Institutions of higher education are also prohibited from asking about your marital status or penalizing you because of it while recruiting for employment.

For more information on child care, lactation support, and other family resources please visit Worklife https://worklife.hr.iastate.edu/familyservices

You can request Pregnancy Accommodations with University Human Resources: hrshelp@iastate.edu