Complaint investigation and resolution:
ISU is committed to providing a prompt, fair, and impartial response to reports of Prohibited Title IX Sexual Harassment. In all cases, the university will take prompt steps to investigate reports and stop, prevent, and remedy the impact of any Prohibited Sexual Harassment.

A university Formal Complaint may be initiated by filing a document with the Title IX Coordinator, or by meeting in person with the Title IX Coordinator or other designated staff member in the Office of Equal Opportunity to report Prohibited Sexual Harassment. When the university receives a Formal Complaint, the Title IX Coordinator (or their designee) will request an initial meeting with the complainant in order to gain a basic understanding of the nature and circumstances of the allegations. At this meeting, the complainant will be provided with information regarding university policies, information about the process for filing a Formal Complaint and the investigation and hearing process, and information about available supportive measures. Information about Formal Complaints, complaint assessment, and resolution options can be found at: