You may choose whether to report Prohibited Conduct to law enforcement, ISU, both, or neither.


About reporting:

Internal university Prohibited Conduct investigations can occur at the same time as law enforcement investigations.
• ISU can help you file a police report and obtain and enforce no-contact orders entered by an Iowa court if you request such assistance.
• Reporting to law enforcement does not obligate you to testify in court.
• To encourage reporting and honest disclosure, the university generally does not hold complainants, respondents, and/or witnesses accountable for non-egregious student code violations (including alcohol or drug possession-related violations) that may have occurred at the time of the reported Prohibited Conduct.
• When individuals report Prohibited Title Sexual Harassment to the ISU Police Department and/or Ames Police Department, these law enforcement agencies have a practice of not pursuing charges for improper use of alcohol or drugs against reporting parties.
• All reports are handled in a sensitive and private manner. Information is shared only with those university employees who need to know in order to assist in the investigation and/or resolution of the matter.
• ISU prohibits retaliation of any kind as a result of an individual making a report or participating in an investigation of a report.
• ISU employees who have been designated Responsible Employees are responsible for reporting Prohibited Sexual Harassment concerns to the Title IX Coordinator.