Resources and Help

Under Iowa law and University policy, communications with certain individuals are considered confidential and/or privileged. This means that, with very limited exceptions, confidential resources may not and will not disclose information shared with them to anyone unless the individual holding such privilege has waived it.

Generally, confidentiality and/or privilege applies when a party seeks professional services from the following persons:

  • Psychological and mental health counselor, including counselors at ISU Student Counseling Services and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Health care provider, including medical professionals at ISU Thielen Student Health Center and Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • Victim counselor/advocate, including advocate from ACCESS
  • Personal attorney
  • Religious/spiritual advisor

Individuals should always confirm whether confidentiality/privilege applies to their communication with the individual with whom they are seeking services. At ISU and in the local community, the following resources are recognized as Confidential Resources:

ISU Student Counseling Services
Provides counseling and mental health services to all ISU students free of charge.
Student Services Building, Third Floor

ISU Thielen Student Health Center
Provides general medical treatment and psychiatry services to all students.
2647 Union Drive, Iowa State University

ISU Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP provides all benefit eligible ISU employees (faculty, P&S, merit and pre/post doc.), as well as immediate family members, with free access to confidential, professional services for help with issues affecting your day-to-day performance and health.
Call anytime, 24/7: 1-800-327-4692

Mary Greeley Medical Center
Provides emergency medical treatment and in-patient services.
1111 Duff Avenue, Ames, Iowa

ISU Student Legal Services
Provides legal advice and assistance to students in a variety of areas. Not able to represent students in controversies involving the university or other ISU students, but may help students connect to other resources.
Memorial Union, Office 0367

The Legal Aid Society of Story County
Provides legal assistance in civil matters to individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney in private practice.
937 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201

By designation of university policy, Campus Confidential Resources are not Responsible Employees, and are therefore not responsible for notifying the Title IX Coordinator about reports of Prohibited Sexual Harassment. By speaking with Campus Confidential Resources, individuals agree that the Campus Confidential Resource will not disclose the contents of their conversation, disclose personally identifiable information, or testify in any formal university proceeding, unless given express written permission by the individual to do so. This agreement promotes access to resources and support, and helps provide a safe and neutral place for discussing and navigating concerns of a sensitive nature.

Exceptions to confidentiality will be made in cases involving imminent threat to the safety of the individual or others, or the information concerns suspected child abuse. Please note, Campus Confidential Resources are not protected under Iowa law as confidential/privileged. This means that information shared with a Campus Confidential Resource may be subject to legal subpoena and/or used as evidence in any external judicial or administrative proceeding.

ISU has designated the following two offices and their staff members as Campus Confidential Resources:

Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success
Provides programs, services, referrals and resources focused on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression for students at Iowa State University.
3224 Memorial Union
515-294-5433 //

Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equity
Provides support and information through educational outreach, appropriate referral services, and a safe space.
Sloss House on the ISU Campus
515-294-4154 //

The university encourages all individuals to report potential incidents of Prohibited Sexual Harassment to the university’s Title IX Coordinator who works within the Office of Equal Opportunity. Individuals can make a report and/or seek guidance from the Title IX Coordinator and Office of Equal Opportunity staff in person, by telephone, by email, or online.

Office of Equal Opportunity
Coordinates the university’s comprehensive response to incidents of Prohibited Sexual Harassment.
3410 Beardshear Hall
515-294-7612; Hotline: 515-294-1222

In addition to the Title IX Coordinator and the Office of Equal Opportunity, individuals may seek guidance from the following university offices:

Office of Student Assistance
Provides assistance in navigating processes and procedures at the university, and helps administer support and resources to students.
1010 Student Services Building, First Floor

Office of Student Conduct
Provides information on the student code of conduct and adjudication processes.
1010 Student Services Building, First Floor

Disability and accessibility accommodations are available to help students report Prohibited Sexual Harassment, participate in the investigation and hearing process, and otherwise participate in the university’s programs and activities. In compliance with applicable law, the university will provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Requests for disability related accommodations must be made to:

Student Accessibility Services
Supports students with disabilities and promotes equitable access to education and university programs, activities and services. Administers the university’s procedures for providing reasonable accommodation for qualified students with disabilities.
1076 Student Services Building, First Floor
Phone: 515-294-7220
Email: / website:

University Human Resources
Supports employees with disabilities and promotes workplace related accommodations.
3810 Beardshear Hall, 515 Morrill Rd.
Phone: 515-294-4800
Email: / website:

Individuals who have experienced Prohibited Sexual Harassment have the right to report, or decline to report, such conduct to law enforcement. Law enforcement authorities include:

Iowa State University Police Department
Provides assistance in emergency situations, help in exploring and filing criminal charges, and assistance in navigating the criminal process for on-campus incidents.
Armory Building, Room 55 Emergencies: 911
Non-Emergencies: 515-294-4428

City of Ames Police Department
Assistance in emergency situations, help in exploring and filing criminal charges, and assistance in navigating the criminal process for off-campus incidents.
515 Clark Avenue, Ames, Iowa Emergencies: 911
Non-Emergencies: 515-239-5133

Story County Attorney’s Office
Assistance in exploring and filing criminal charges, assistance in navigating the criminal justice process and court procedures, and victim/witness assistance.
126 S. Kellogg, Suite 203, Ames, IA

Individuals may report Prohibited Conduct and/or seek guidance by contacting:

Dr. Carl Wells, Title IX Coordinator
Director of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 515-294-7143

E. Jacob Cummings, Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Associate Director of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 515-294-7143

Sara Kellogg, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Student Affairs
Assistant Dean and Director of Office of Student Conduct
Phone: 515-294-1021

Dawn Bratsch-Prince, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Academic Affairs
Associate Provost
Phone: 515-294-6410

Charles Small, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics
Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Phone: 515-294-3662

Laura Bestler, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff
CELT Program Coordinator II
Phone: 515-294-4533

Monica Howard-Martin, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Veterinary Medicine
Director of Student Programs
Phone: 515-294-0391