Training, Learning and Development

Online Web-based Training for Unlawful Harassment Prevention and Title IX

The Office of Equal Opportunity is offering a new online training program designed to strengthen Iowa State University's ongoing efforts to ensure everyone understands and follows our non-discrimination policies and procedures. The training program includes two courses: Unlawful Harassment Prevention, and Title IX, Violence Prevention and Campus Save Act for faculty, staff, and students. Each course is approximately 45 minutes in duration. Supervisors will receive a supplemental supervisory course which is approximately 15 minutes in duration. The courses are interactive and include examples of many challenging and interesting real-life workplace and higher education situations.

If you lost your email link to the training program please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 515 294-7612 or to have the course registration link resent.

*If you have a training accessibility request, please contact our office at 515-294-7612 or

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training

Are you interested in participating in a Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training session? Our office provides Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Informational Training during University Orientation, to departments by request, through general sessions at your convenience, and as a self-tutorial online powerpoint.

  • Individual departments who would like to hold a session for your employees, please feel free to contact our office at 515 294-7612 or to schedule a session or fill out the training request form.

OEO Regularly Provides Training Sessions Which Are Listed Below:

  • Best Practices in Hiring Diverse Faculty and Staff
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Harassment, Bullying, Bias Related Incidents
  • Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace
  • Lawful Hiring
  • Respect and Civility
  • Search Committee Training
  • Title IX and Sexual Harassment
  • Understanding Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  • Conflict Resolution and Diversity

Illegal Interview Questions

Federal and state laws prohibit employers from asking certain interview questions that are not related to job hiring. Interviewers should not ask questions related to race, color, arrest records, disability or marital status.

Watch Presentation: Illegal Interview Questions.